Air Freight

Watson Logistics is not just a another means of transporting goods from one point to another as quickly as possible as freight forwarding and logistics professionals we advice our customer on the many options available. Transit times, transportation options and pricing by carefully selecting carriers. We help our clients to avoid potential conflict during transit. At Watson Logistics, we first evaluate product and service requirements only then do we propose a carrier and service level to our customers.

Our airfreight forwarding services include consolidation, custom clearance and shipment status tracking besides warehousing. We take great care to ensure proper transport of the consignment.

Air freight management services are committed to deliver your cargo to any city, country or continent, whenever you need to. The expertise, the experience leads to offering of distinct solutions maintaining the perfect balance between time, space, frequency and cost. Our global partnership with preferred carriers, chosen for their professionalism, reliability and capacity, is complemented by the best local carriers, helping us maintain transit consistency through a cost effective and convenient route.